Dec 29, 2020

American Indian Affairs Cohort



This cohort will provide Arrowmen with the opportunity to participate and compete in Powwow and Team Dancing, as well as learn new skills in crafting, dancing, and singing. All Dance Competitions will take place during the week in this cohort. Participants will learn Powwow Protocol and other skills throughout the weekend. 


Specific Programming

Participants will be grouped with dancers of the same or similar style during the day on Saturday. During which, an experienced dancer/craftsmen will be guiding them through a craft relevant to their specific style. Singers will be put in a similar group where they will safely work on singing technique.


There will be three competitions occurring in the AIA Cohort. In order to compete in them, the whole team must be in the AIA Cohort (Arrowmen from other cohorts will not be permitted to compete in competitions.) These competitions are: Team Powwow Exhibition; Team Historical Dance; and Individual Dance. 


Team Powwow Exhibition will occur during the Friday night Powwow and Team Historical Dance will take place during the Saturday morning activities. The Individual Dance Competition will take place on Saturday after lunch. 


Finally, there will be another Powwow on Saturday Night, where there will be recognitions, giveaways and the winners from the earlier competitions will be announced.


Important Items for Participants

Dance teams will need to coordinate prerecorded music for both the Team Powwow Exhibition and Historical Dance. This music will need to be submitted with the team registration at [REGISTRATION LINK] for the Powwow Exhibition and at [REGISTRATION LINK] for the Historical Dance. Individual Dancers can register at [REGISTRATION LINK] for their competitions. Dancers are allowed to compete in multiple styles, but must fill out a registration form for each style they plan on dancing. 


There will not be live music at any of the competitions, however, there will still be instruction regarding singing during the weekend. 



Youth Lead: Ryan Wagoner ( 

Adviser: Travis Gentry (