Cardinal COPE and Climbing

Dec 29, 2020

Cardinal COPE & Climbing


This cohort will provide Arrowmen with the opportunity to spend the day having fun and participating in exciting climbing adventures. They will spend their time enjoying various activities such as ziplining, rock climbing, and team building.


Specific Programming

Participants will travel to three round robin stations of different climbing activities. They will spend roughly forty minutes at each station.


Within each station, participants will be taught the basics of how to use the course and will then spend the majority of the time actually climbing and enjoying their time with some stations having miniature competitions and activities such as races or trivia. The activities may include:

  1. Climbing up the Main Tower
  2. Zipline Course
  3. COPE/Team Building


In the event of consistent thunder and/or lightning, participants will go to the dining hall for other activities such as climbing based skills instruction, competitions, team building games, etc.


Important Items for Participants

Due to the nature of this program area, there are many items for participants to consider. This program will require a lot of physical activity and participants should be prepared for a fun day of climbing. Snacks and water will also be provided.



Youth Lead: Conor Metzger (

Adviser: Bob Weagraff (

Advisor: Tommy Wallace (

Climbing Director: Scott Harris (