Cardinal Crafts

Dec 29, 2020

Cardinal Crafts Cohort



This program will be designed to give arrowman a fun experience with crafts. Participants will have the opportunity to make items such as paracord bracelets, key chains, and wood burning. They will also have other activities to do such as candle dipping. They will do all these activities in a rotation. 


Specific Programming

Paracord Bracelet: Each participant will get to choose what colors they want their bracelet to be. Once they have measured their wrists, they will attach the buckle and start typing the ropes together. 


Key Chains: Each participant will get a leather key chain template and will have a variety of options to personalize their key chains with leather punches. 


Wood Burning: Each participant will get a wood cookie. They will get to brand it and customize it to their liking. 


Candle Dipping: Each participant will get a candle and practice the ancient technique of candle dipping by hand.