Dec 29, 2020

Inductions and Ceremonies Experience Cohort



Participants in the inductions and ceremonies cohort at conclave 2021 will be among the first members to participate in “Polestar: Inductions Leadership Training.” They will also have the opportunity to participate in other trainings, forums, and evaluations facilitated by trained past NOAC staff members. 


Specific Programming

Polestar is a new national training which will be released to sections and lodges only three weeks before our conclave. It is the most in-depth and comprehensive training our order has ever produced regarding our induction. Polestar is much more than a “ceremonies class”; It will introduce concepts to our participants that will help them facilitate the best possible experience for our candidates back home. It will also explain and clarify changes coming to the induction in early 2021 including a revised Ordeal Ceremony and new elements during the day of the ordeal. Conclave will be SR7B’s first official Polestar training and we hope to replicate that training within all Lodges in 2021. 


Programming will begin Friday night with an opening ceremony and an induction’s committee forum which will include expert NOAC trainers and evaluators.


Saturday morning we will begin with the Polestar content. By mid-afternoon, participants will finish Polestar and be given the opportunity to attend other miscellaneous workshops focusing on various aspects of the induction: ceremony skills, ordeal facilitation, how to train elangomats, etc…


Saturday evening will conclude our programming with the first official demo of the newly revised ordeal ceremony followed by an in-depth “fireside chat” to talk about the changes to the ceremony and wrap up any thoughts and questions our participants have after the day. 


Important Items for Participants

Much of this training is a classroom style training so come prepared with appropriate supplies for note taking. It is also highly interactive so participants should expect to be involved in lots of discussion both with other participants and facilitators. 



Youth Lead: Brennen Flanagan

Adviser: Ryan Showman