Pre-Event Communication

Jan 7, 2021

Additional Conclave Communications


Conclave Emails


  • “Details for You”
  • Begins with typical “Everything to Know” content
  • Cohort Assignment
  • Details about Program areas participant is assigned to
  • Campsite information


  • “One Week Out!”
  • Same information as 4/1 email


  • Night Before
  • Reminders
    • Medical Form
    • Parking
    • Things necessary for their programs
  • Arrival Instructions
  • “See you tomorrow”


Targeted Ads

  • December
    • Targeting those that like OA and Scouting
    • Registration is Open for Conclave 2021
    • Brief cohort model description
    • Like no Conclave ever before
  • January
    • Targeting those that like Scouting and outdoor activities
    • Ignite your spirit of adventure at Conclave 2021
    • Highlight Wilderness Expedition, COPE+Climbing, A Day on the Lake
  • February
    • Targeting those that like OA, science, and cooking
    • Explore passions from outside of scouting
    • Highlight Section Scientists, Cardinal Chef
  • March
    • Targeting those that like scouting and OA
    • Registration Closes the 14th
    • Represent your lodge


Social Media

  • In addition to the posts on the Calendar, countdown posts will be spread throughout
  • April will mainly consist of countdown posts and information deemed necessary for last minute distribution