Section Scientists

Dec 29, 2020

Section Scientists


This program will be designed for the Arrowmen that want to participate in different activities relating to the world of science. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in many different scientific activities ranging from an egg drop competition to bottle rockets. The activities will consist of a round-robin format where there will be different stations for Arrowmen to participate. Arrowmen will be split into different groups and will compete against the members in that group of roughly 12 people. There will also be another part to Section Scientists where participants will be competing for their Lodge and 1st place will advance their Lodges standing in Quest for the Golden AArrow.

Important Items for Participants

Participants should arrive in proper attire that they are comfortable to work in. Participants are recommended to come with a pocket knife which they will be allowed to use during specific competitions.


Youth Contact – Samuel Weaver (

Adult Contact – Chris Nichols (

Adult Contact – Nick Anderson (