Section Spartan

Dec 29, 2020

Section Spartan


The Section Spartan is for the arrowman that wants to showcase their abilities that a scout is strong. This program is accommodating to arrowman at all fitness levels ranging from beginner to experienced. At the end of the Section Spartan program, spartans will be able to participate in a closing ceremony that highlights all members abilities to be physically strong.



Once participants register to participate in Section Spartan, they will be contacted to select their top two choices of the three events. These events are adaptable to all arrowmen’s skill levels and participants should select events that align with their physical abilities.



  1. Beginner- Functional Fitness

This event will consist of activities to have participants moving. These movements can range from calisthenics to yoga and will focus on getting everyone moving. Functional fitness is an introductory event that will be good for warming up for later events or to test physical abilities.

  1. Intermediate- Rucking

Rucking will be an event similar to the “Go Ruck” events that are hosted throughout the United States. In this event participants will need to have a backpack (weighted optional) in order to go “off-road” and be prepared to battle the elements. Participants will have the ability to showcase their physical abilities to see who can maneuver through the orienteering course with the fastest time. 

  1. Intermediate/Expert- Spartan Race

Similar to the well-known “Spartan Race,” participants will work through a series of obstacles for the fastest time. These obstacles will range from army-crawling through mud to climbing over barriers. This event is perfect for the arrowman that wants to push their abilities and challenge themselves to move through the course for the fastest time. 


Arrowmen Needs

Depending on the events chosen by the arrowman, the specific items will change. All participants should have closed toed shoes, water, and an extra set of clothing. For rucking, participants will also need to have a compass, backpack, and (if they choose) 20 pounds for males and 10 pounds for females to add to their backpacks. 



Youth Lead: Isaac Drown (

Adult Lead: Jeff Sedlacek (