Shooting Sports

Dec 29, 2020

Shooting Sports


This cohort will provide Arrowmen with the opportunity to spend the day having a blast and burning powder at Camp Bowers. They will spend their time using various firearms and bows.


Specific Programming

Participants will travel to four round robin stations of different shooting activities. They will spend roughly forty-five minutes at each station.


Within each station, participants will be given a safety summary of each firearm and learn how they are used. During the time between groups, all firearms and bows will be sanitized. These round robin stations may include:

  1. Shotgun
  2. Rifle
  3. Chalk Ball
  4. Archery


Important Items for Participants

Due to the nature of the Covid-19 pandemic, all participants will receive their own individually wrapped ear protection. All firearms, bows, and eye protection will be sanitized between each participant’s use. All participants are welcomed to bring their own personal set of ear and eye protection. Ammunition will only be handled by staff members to mitigate risk by several people touching it.



Youth Lead: Parker Stewart (

Adviser: Tommy Wallace (