Wilderness Expedition

Dec 29, 2020

Wilderness Expedition Cohort



This program will be designed for the Arrowman that wants adventure and seeks to become a true survivalist. Participants will have the opportunity to learn a variety of skills including making a knife, fire building, wilderness cooking, water purification, and more as they follow their trek.


Specific Programming

The expedition will begin with a survival situation that will be simulated for the day. Participants will officially start their trek as they seek to find and complete five survival challenges


Before each survival challenge, participants will have to find their way to the various spread out stations. It will then be the task of the participants to find where the survival challenge is. Every crew will have a different path for their trek that they will be navigating. 


The survival challenges will consist of  different stations.. At each station, the crew guide will instruct participants in the skill, demonstrate to them how it is done, and then give the participants the opportunity to get hands on and complete it themselves. The challenges may include things such as:

  1. Working as a team to build a wilderness shelter for the entire crew
  2. Building and lighting a fire with actual flint and steel
  3. Finding and purifying water
  4. Preparing a pioneer cooking dish that can be enjoyed and made at the event and any campout
  5. Making a knife
  6. Realistic First Aid

At the conclusion of their trek, participants will both find out if they survived and will debrief with their guide about favorite activities, ways to improve, what they learned, etc.


Important Items for Participants

Participants should arrive in attire and shoes that they are able to comfortably walk and work in. They should also come prepared with a personal compass and pocket knife. Staff will be communicating with the section registration team to find out about dietary allergies and restrictions, however participants may communicate these individually if necessary.



Youth Lead: Matthew Bobzien (secretary@sr7b.org)

Youth Lead: Ethan Syster (chief@sr7b.org)

Adviser: Robert Mason (robert.l.mason@gmail.com)