Emergency Procedures

September 5, 2019 12:18 am



SR-7B Conclave Hazard Plan


This SOP is for all Emergency Situations and Disasters at Camp Bowers, the Cape Fear Council Scout Reservation.  In the event of any emergency, Health Lodge Staff will take over along with the Camp Director.


Contact Info:

EMS:  Bladen County EMS by radio (channel 1) or phone at (910) 734-6242

Bladen County Public Health:  (910) 367-9054

Health Lodge:  Reach via radio (channel 1) or phone at (910) 734-6242 

Conclave Chief:  Conor Metzger (910) 734-9704

Conclave Advisor: Bob Weagraff (910) 384-4770

Camp Ranger: Jacob Jay (210) 445-4044

Scout Executive of Cape Fear Council: Jonathan Widmark (910) 395-1100 Ext 15 Cell:  (910)

White Oak VFD:  911 or (910) 866-4160

Bladen County Hospital:  (910) 862-5100



Step 1:  In case of fire, report it to the Health Lodge

Step 2:  Siren will be engaged, scouts will gather in designated area (at flagpoles)

Step 3:  Staff members will carry out fire plan assignments

  • Team 1 – Check Campsites and have scouts assemble at designated area
  • Team 2 – Check and clear all Program areas
  • Team 3 – Check and clear Camp McNeill

Step 4:  All Scouts will go to flagpoles for assignments.  All scouts will go straight to flagpoles; in case of being overrun, have all scouts go to the lake/Forest Fire Mitigation Area.

Step 5:  If there is a brush fire that is too large for the staff to control, call 911

Step 6:  Call 911 and ask them to dispatch the NC Forest Service


Severe Weather:

All scouts should move into sheltered areas if sudden severe storms appear.  Avoid shelter under trees.  In the event of extreme conditions, the Health Lodge and Conclave Chief will decide if camp should move into the dining hall.  In the event of extreme weather, an alarm will sound.  Everyone should report to flagpoles/dining hall


Hiking in high temperatures and high humidity:  In cases where the heat index reaches 115 degrees or higher, activities will be restricted to camp shelter areas and shady areas.  Area Directors will increase availability of fluids and encourage all scouts in their program area to drink as much fluid as possible. Lodge leaders will be asked to encourage the same procedure at the campsites.  


Smoke/SMOG Alert:  In the case of severe smoke and or smog, scouts will decrease outdoor activities.  Area Directors and Lodge leaders will watch for any unusual respiratory problems, particularly with scouts with a history of respiratory disorders (asthma, cystic fibrosis, etc.) 


In case of Severe Thunderstorm or other inclement weather:

  • Conclave Chief makes announcement to report to Dining Hall
  • Siren will sound in short bursts
  • Roll call of all Staff and scouts
  • Conclave Chief will decide when all is clear to resume normal camp activities
  • In the event of immediate danger, scouts should take cover in low-lying areas


Mass Evacuation:

If the need ever arises, Scouts will be taken off camp via camp bus, van, truck or civilian POV until Bladen County Emergency Management sends buses or another form of transportation.