Past Conclave COC Minutes

October 2020 SR-7B Council of Chiefs Minutes
  1. October 2020 SR-7B Council of Chiefs Minutes


    Meeting was called to order by Section Chief Ethan Syster at 8:34am on Saturday, October 24, 2020


    1. Welcome
      1. Obligation 
      2. Roll Call
        1. Chief: Present
        2. VC Program: Present
        3. VC Training: Present
        4. Secretary: Present
        5. 70: Present
        6. 104: Present
        7. 117: Present
        8. 118: Present
        9. 296: Present
        10. 331: arrived at 8:53am
      3. Housekeeping
        1. New officers sworn in by section adviser
        2. Chief says we’ll follow planbook online
        3. Chief states agenda traditionally printed is in the online planbook
        4. Chief says we understand COVID-19 is on people’s mind
        5. Chief explains that we will discuss the plan today for preliminary COVID plans and then at the end we will discuss a new adapted method we may choose
        6. Section adviser introduces new COC members
    2. Old Business
      1. Approve Previous COC Minutes
        1. Previous minutes found in planbook and screen shared
        2. Items of business from last meeting are explained by Chief
        3. Voting formatting off, but everything else is correct according to Chief
        4. Chief entertains motion to approve previous COC minutes
        5. Program so moves
        6. Seconded
          1. VC Program: Y
          2. VC Training:Y
          3. Secretary:Y
          4. 70:Y
          5. 104:Y
          6. 117:Y
          7. 118:Y
          8. 296:Y
        7. Motion Passes 8-0-0
      2. Approval of 2020 Conclave Closeout Budget
        1. Looks different this year since there was no event
        2. All delegates refunded
        3. We did make memorabilia revenue since we still sold it
        4. Smaller expenses on promotion and AIA seminar and new awards
        5. Chief recommends we entertain motion to let profit from memorabilia sales remain with the section to help fund conclave next year
        6. Typically each line item carries over from one year to the next so we need to be good stewards of budget
        7. Chief entertains motion to approve 2020 Conclave closeout budget with the profit remaining with the section
        8. Adviser explains the inflow and outflow of service contribution of $333.33 between section and Wahissa
        9. So moved
        10. Secretary seconded
        11. Motion Passes 8-0-0
    3. Section Officer and Chairmen Reports
      1. VC Program
        1. Planbook has been updated to match 2021 standpoint
        2. Lodges have been contacted about A-List items, contacts at section and each lodge displayed on slide
        3. Cardnival and COVID-19 idea is Cardnival in a campsite
          1. Each lodge given putt putt holes and materials
          2. Lodges can provide program
          3. Pre-bagged food
          4. Encouraging dutch oven desserts
        4. Quest with COVID-19
          1. Round robin style
          2. 5 different areas approved at COC last year
            1. Modified to fit COVID-19
          3. Each area and contest is explained
          4. Scoring is remaining the same as approved last year
          5. Program moves to confirm the quest events outlined in this presentation with the final to be determined by the VC Program, Chief, and Advisers and any changes be announced in January.
          6. Seconded
          7. 104 asks if events will be in the campsite
          8. Program clarifies it would be spread out throughout camp
          9. Chief says the motion would just be about the event but he understands the concern of gathering in a field and watching
          10. 104 asks for clarity on scoring in tire event
          11. Chief restates motion
          12. Motion Passes 8-0-0
        5. Adviser requests that we go through each A-List item and role for each lodge and request service lodge in training explain Patch auction plans
        6. Chief recommends Program walks through each one and allows for questions
        7. All A-List items explained by Program
          1. Program gives 296 opportunity to explain patch auction plans
          2. 296 says they were told they were getting information here so they don’t have a presentation
          3. Chief explains that there isn’t a presentation needed but there should be an agreement between section and 296 about how things will be run.
          4. Chief outlines typical required ask of lodges for patch auction
          5. Chief asks if contact should  remain previous people or become the new lodge chief
          6. 296 says neither of previous contacts are active and they should go through the new chief
        8. Campwide Game explained by program
          1. Bingo game of events
          2. Prize still being worked on
        9. Endowment fundraiser
          1. Car smash if normal
          2. Many goggles and sledgehammers and sanitization for safety
      2. VC Training
        1. Provides Overview
        2. Theme is “Assembling Life’s Toolbox”
        3. Presents timeline
        4. Exhibitors and Goals
          1. Goal is 60
          2. Currently 22
          3. Looking for skills and hobbies and people in the BSA
          4. Contacted over 40 people so far
        5. Logistics Needs discussed
        6. Team Outlined
          1. Exhibit Contact
          2. Set Up
          3. Looking for more to serve on team
        7. Social Distancing plan
          1. Hand washing station and hand sanitizer available to all
          2. Spread exhibitors out more
          3. Popular booths will be far away from each other
          4. Limit hands on items and props
        8. Next Steps
          1. Promotion
          2. Further contact
      3. Secretary
        1. Apensuwi schedule presented
          1. Explains that lodge chiefs will be reached out to for information for certain articles and they can choose to delegate to a VC
        2. Cardinal Conclave page has been mostly updated aside from patch and theme and registration will go live ASAP once lodges send in delegate fees
        3. Lodge key 3 pages will be updated after each election and other changes can be made via emailing
        4. Cardinal Communications Award details outlined
        5. Branding colors dependent on patch approval today but fonts will be Museo Slab 700, 300, and Wisdom Script in accordance with National Branding Guide and consistency with previous years
        6. Social Media plans explained including goal of providing arrowmen with a connection to conclave
        7. Handouts will be wristbands, pens, flyers mainly for new members, and business cards
        8. Additional promotional items will be banners, post cards for personal asks, and a promotional toolkit
        9. People promotion tips stressed and given
        10. It is explained how lodge info and section calendar will be kept up to date

    Recessed at 9:24am

    Called back to order at 9:30am

      1. AIA Chairman
        1. Historical and Pow Wow team dance schedule explained
        2. Team Singing canceled due to COVID-19
          1. Yelling close together
          2. People meeting beforehand
          3. Motion Entertained to remove team singing as requirement for AIA and Honor Lodge Awards
          4. So moved
          5. Seconded
          6. 104 asks for further explanation
          7. AIA chair explains that singing is people within 6 feet of each other and yelling loudly and that people meet beforehand
          8. 104 asks if it would be for all years or just this year
          9. Motion is revised to state only 2021
          10. 104 asks if now we’re just canceling for conclave or if it is now for the award
          11. Chief explains that we’re just removing criteria from awards
          12. 104 asks if lodge teams can still meet
          13. Chief says they still can meet but we won’t have competition
          14. 104 asks if they’ll still get points for meeting
          15. Adviser explains that the award is dependent on winning a competition and there isn’t going to be a competition
          16. It is suggested that we do a revised motion
          17. Motion is withdrawn
          18. 104 moves to remove singing competition from 2021 conclave as well as remove Singing criteria from AIA and Honor lodge awards for 2021.
          19. Motion Passes 9-0-0
        3. One dance style at a time
        4. A-List Lodge responsibility explained
        5. AIA Seminar canceled for 2021
        6. 117 raises concern about attendance for conclave driven down from canceling event less than 60 days before Conclave
        7. Chief explains that social distancing concerns are different
        8. Adviser explains that we’ll later discuss Conclave Plan B that may alleviate concerns
        9. 104 asks if we discussed Pow Wow Saturday Night
        10. AIA chair says we do plan on having that with social distancing
      2. ICE Chairman
        1. ICE Committee explained
        2. ICE Award walked through
          1. Survey before Conclave
          2. 40% of points from inductions survey
          3. 60% of points from ceremony evaluations
          4. Rubric presented
        3. Replaced Ceremony Competitions with Evaluations
          1. Reasoning explained
          2. Rules come from Order of the Arrow Field Operations Guide
          3. Evaluation rubric presented
          4. Plan to do virtual evaluator trainings
        4. Evaluation Scheduling outlined
          1. Basic times and amount of minutes walked through
          2. We want to allow time for evaluators to give feedback
          3. 3 ceremonies at a time
      3. Service Chairman
        1. Onsite Service Project
          1. Communities in Schools Charity and project detailed
          2. A Million Thanks Charity and project detailed
          3. Turned over to Chief for voting
          4. Chief explains A Million Thanks is easier for social distancing but we can have a back up
          5. Program says these are both great organizations and asks if there’s an opportunity for section to follow through and with social distancing we could still do backpacks. He suggests we may be able to do both.
          6. AIA chair says it is possible and it’s up to y’all
          7. Chief doesn’t think we have capacity to do two and we should have one as a backup or potential for next year
          8. 104 asks if we could do both since they could pre-write letters and turn them in at Conclave
          9. Program suggest we do Communities in Schools during day and write letter at Cardnival
          10. Chief says we need to approve one for service project time and we can do another one later without approval at Service Committee’s discretion
          11. 104 asks why we’re doing canned food then
          12. Chief says we always do food and blood drive as supplemental and one onsite projects
          13. Program moves that we approve the communities in schools service project for the designated on site service project time and keep A million thanks as a contingency plan to use either elsewhere in the event or as a replacement
          14. Seconded
          15. 104 asks if we have to pay $333.33 for that project, can we lower it since it’s just a bag
          16. It is explained that there will be school supplies in the bag
          17. Chief says this does not pertain to the budget, it is just the project, we can discuss the project later
          18. Motion Passes 9-0-0
        2. Food drive 
          1. For YMCA at Fort Bragg
          2. Promotion plan underway
          3. Collecting at check in and then evaluating
        3. Blood Drive
          1. Run through American Red Cross
          2. Working with Red Cross to ensure location and staffing
      4. Recognitions Chairman
        1. Honor Lodge
          1. Definition stated
          2. Rubric outlined
            1. Attendance goals are based on 750 goal this year
        2. Spirit Award
          1. Voting process explained
          2. Rubric presented
            1. You can vote for a different lodge for every category
        3. Training double checks when ballots passed out and collected
        4. Recognitions Chair confirms
      5. Shows Chairman
        1. Plan
          1. Stage rented and in same location
          2. Most items loaned or already owned
        2. Needs
          1. Crowd control
          2. Tents
        3. Outlines of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Show presented
          1. Subject to change with COVID restrictions
        4. Team
          1. Lighting
          2. Audio
          3. Backstage
          4. Video
          5. Need MC and actors for onsite videos
        5. Timeline shared
      6. 2021 Conclave Chairman
        1. Patch and Theme 1 presented
          1. Question on Arrow being allowed to be horizontal in national branding guidelines
          2. Chief says we’re approving general concept and can adapt to fit national guidelines
        2. Patch and Theme 2 presented
        3. Service Lodge recommends Patch and Theme 1
        4. Conclave chair entertains motion to approve patch and theme 1 “Onward and Upward” as outlined in presentation
        5. Program moves
        6. Secretary Seconds
        7. Motion Passes 9-0-0
        8. Schedule presented
        9. Map Presented
        10. Hazard Plan presented
        11. Menu Presented
          1. Service troops will be making things as well
        12. Conclave Chair entertains motion to adopt menu as outlined in planbook
        13. Moved 
        14. Seconded
        15. Motion Passes 9-0-0
        16. New Needs request system
          1. More info sent shortly
          2. Basic estimates January 1
          3. Hard Deadline 1 week after 60 days out meeting
        17. Staffing
          1. Looking good
          2. Key positions are in
          3. Registration will include option to help service lodge staff
          4. Section officers and chairmen are encouraged to find their own staff
        18. YPT
          1. Bathroom signs
          2. AIA changing areas
          3. Lodges will figure out tenting arrangements
        19. Chief requests that other lodges provide staff members 
        20. Chief reiterates this is our first conclave with Youth females so we need to make sure to think about YPT arrangements and Lodges should enforce

    Recessed at 10:33am

    Called back to order at 10:39

    1. New Business
      1. Memorabilia Pricing
        1. Proposed pricing presented
        2. Prices same as last year
        3. Pictures null, motion would be to approve pricing
        4. Pictures would be with what we approved today
        5. Chief entertains motion to approve 2021 conclave memorabilia pricing with understanding that design would be based on new patch and theme
        6. Moved
        7. Seconded
        8. Motion passes 9-0-0
      2. 2021 Conclave Proposed Budget
        1. Expecting lower attendance goal given pandemic
        2. Rest of budget is typical but lower due to less attendance
        3. Chief states we do usually use all of lodge contributions for service project and if we don’t we can reimburse lodges
        4. Chief entertains motion to approve 2021 Conclave budget as outlined in the planbook
        5. Moved Seconded
        6. 104 asks for fee
        7. Chief states fee and says lodges can add for themselves but those should ideally be kept low
        8. Motion passes 9-0-0
      3. Plan B – Cohort Model
        1. A lot of today is just an ideal setting if things improve by April
        2. We’re committed to hosting an event within current guidance since we believe section members would rather have a modified event than nothing
        3. Started thinking about Cohort model with 10 Cohorts of 50 people and no cross cohort interaction
        4. Keeping cohorts mainly in campsite
        5. Limit attendance (probably 500 unless guidance changes)
        6. Lodges will be given a spreadsheet with their allotment and list of cohorts on November 15th
        7. Potential cohort options discussed
        8. Currently in preliminary brainstorming stages for if guidance remains the same as now
        9. Another COC will be held at the beginning of 2021  to convey further details
        10. Adviser provides further details and ideas
        11. May allow option for people who can’t go in lodge allotment to go on staff given the attendance cap
        12. Chief says ask for right now is a January COC meeting and says it would be best to go ahead and schedule a meeting
        13. Floor is opened for questions that can be answered now or later
        14. 118 applauds Section for planning and being proactive and states Wahissa will support whatever needs to happen
        15. Recommended COC date is Sunday, January 10th or Saturday, January 16th
        16. 104 asks for what holiday weekend is
        17. It is stated that MLK is 18th
        18. 117 says 10th is after LLD
        19. It is asked if MLK is a bad weekend overall
        20. 117 says they could settle for late afternoon on the 10th if MLK weekend is bad for everyone else
        21. Chief says 331 may have an event that weekend
        22. It is said we could probably do late afternoon on the 10th to work with lodges that have an event
        23. Chief entertains motion to hold another COC meeting on January 10th in the late afternoon or evening with the time to be decided on a later date
        24. Moved
        25. Seconded
        26. Motion Passes 9-0-0
    2. Closing
      1. Dates for the next year walked through
      2. Chief’s Moment
      3. Adviser’s Minute


    Meeting was adjourned by Section Chief Ethan Syster at 11:13am on Saturday, October 24, 2020

October 2019 COC Meeting


  1. Opening
    1. Roll Call
    2. All Present
  2. Old Business
    1. Approval of minutes
    2. Recognition of new officers
  3. Officer and Chairman Reports
    1. Vice Chief of Program
      1. Patch Auction: Riased over $2200
        1. Vote to decide on the allocation of funds
        2. Motion to approve patch auction funds to Maury Clancy Campership
        3. Motion carries
      2. Quest Events: Kids had a lot of fun at quest in the mud
      3. 2020 A List Items
        1. 70 – Dance
        2. 104 – Quest
        3. 117 – Ceremonies
        4. 118 – Service
        5. 296 – Patch Auction
      4. Cardinal Clay Classic
        1. Had 13 people participate
      5. Cardnival
        1. Should be fun
        2. Lots of work has gone into it
        3. At grand lodge
    2. Vice Chief of Training
      1. OAX went well
        1. Approximately 60 exhibitors
        2. 112 people staff
        3. Training sessions went well – some were very popular
        4. No one went to CTI session
    3. Secretary
      1. Got screens working in Grand Lodge and have been using Remind throughout the weekend
    4. Conclave Chairman
      1. Remember one-way traffic policy
    5. Promotions Chairman
      1. Will send out summary social media posts
      2. Need officers after show
    6. IA Chairman
      1. Not represented
    7. Service Chairman
      1. Food has been collected
      2. Literacy packets went well
        1. Good system
        2. Took a while to get started but worked out
      3. Blood drive went well after they found the list
        1. 26 liters donated
    8. High Adventure Chairman
      1. Booth went well – gave out a lot of flyers
    9. Shows Chairman
      1. On Vista
      2. Ushers will direct people to Cardnival
      3. Sunday show in Grand Lodge
    10. Recognitions Chairman
      1. Need last items to determine Honor Lodge
      2. Work with Shows to figure out time in show on Sunday to distribute awards
  4. New Business
    1. COC October 25th and 26th
    2. Spirit Award vote is tomorrow
    3. Presentations
  5. Adviser’s Minute
  6. Chief’s Minute
    1. Thanking people
    2. French book quote (in English)
  7. Song