Redefined Role of the Section

October 14, 2019 1:03 am


“The section exists to support lodge leaders to produce High Performing Lodges, through a direct inter-council forum.”


What does this actually mean?

– “The section leadership will develop relationships with their lodges by attending lodge events throughout the year.”**

– “Section officers will make direct, personal contact with lodge chiefs on a monthly basis.”**

– The section will hold an annual ACT (Adapt Collaborate Thrive) Conference for all lodge leaders within the section.

– The section will create and compile resources for lodge leadership to use in developing and improving their programs. These resources will be focused on providing support in improving areas identified by the lodge Performance Measurement Program.

– The section will work with lodge leaders to identify which resources may best benefit their lodge and how they can be utilized as well as identify any additional resources that could be created to benefit lodges.



*From the update to the Field Operations Guide
**From the Section Performance Measurement Program